Find perfect badger shaving brushes

Badger shaving brushes are known as the finest shaving brushes and finding a suitable badger shaving brush is the first step towards the perfect shave.

Why use Shaving Brushes?
Using a shaving brush lifts facial hair, while softening it at the same time. Applying shaving cream by hand causes uneven flat and raised spots, requiring multiple blades and often pressure to get a smooth shave. Applying the cream with a shaving brush, off mostly glycerin-based soap, in a circular motion, not only eliminates having to wash and lotion your face prior to shaving, it also gently exfoliates your skin. Wet shaving, like our grandfathers used to, is still the only way to a perfect shave.

Why a Badger Shaving Brush?
Badger hair is the finest shaving brush hair available, it is also the most expensive. Apart from the a very smooth sensation, shaving brushes made from badger hair retain the most amount of water. The more water a brush can hold the richer and moister the lather will be. The thicker and more soothing the lather, the less dragging and skipping of the razor. If taken care properly a good quality badger shaving brush will outlast any other shaving brush.

How to choose a Badger Shaving Brush.Amazon Image
Generally speaking, there are 3 gradations of badger hair:
Pure Badger
Best Badger
Silvertip Badger / Super Badger

Pure Badger Shaving Brushes
A Pure Badger Hair Shaving brush contains mostly hair from the underbody of a badger. This hair varies in softness, is usually darker and its longer shafts make it coarser than the other parts of badger hair however it is also makes up for largest volume of badger hair. Shaving brushes made entirely from pure badger hair are quite a bit cheaper than best or silvertip badger.

Best Badger Shaving Brushes
Best Badger Brushes are shaving brushes made with the more pliable, softer hairs from approximately 20% of the badger’s body. It is longer and has a lighter color than pure badger. Manufacturers increase the amount of best hair for higher density resulting in a better lather.

Silvertip Badger Shaving Brushes
The most expensive badger shaving brush. Take a close look at one of these shaving brushes, to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. Often, higher grade pure hair is bleached at its end to look like true silvertip hair, but it is not and therefore should be named Super badger. Super Badger is graded pure hair, increasing its performance, and eliminating any prickliness of regular pure hair. While both super badger and silvertip badger are premium brushes, silvertip badger are the most expensive ones due to rare type of badger hair. A true silvertip brushes have off white tips that are flared, fluffy, allowing for the most water retention.Amazon ImageAmazon ImageAmazon ImageAmazon Image

How much does a Badger Shaving Brush cost?
As shaving brush handles can come in synthetic materials, wood, metal, ebony and be sold with our without stands or in shaving brush sets, it is very difficult to pinpoint a price range. Most of these brushes are still made by hand with century old techniques and depending on the manufacturer will be priced differently.

Many shaving brushes are offered in a set, including items like a shaving brush stand, razors, creams etc. When comparing prices, sets sometimes offer a better bargain.
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Here are some suggestions for badger shaving brush manufacturers whose website feature many brushes and great information on the art of wet shaving.

Omega shaving brushes (Italy)
Edwin Jagger shaving brushes (England)
Simpson’s shaving brushes (England) producer of the famous Simpson Chubby.
Colonel Conk shaving brushes (US)
Plisson shaving brushes (France)
Rooney shaving brushes (UK)
Merkur shaving brushes (Germany)
Parker shaving brushes (India)